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How to add colour to your home

Sometimes all we need is a little bit of colour in our lives! A splash of colour is a great way to bring life and character to your home. People tend to be drawn to monochromatic schemes even though they are tempted to add some colour but decide not to because simply they dont know how. When it comes to colour clients seem to be worried that it may go out of style or may look tacky, BUT if done tastefully and executed properly a design with colour can be stunning and memorable more so than a monochromatic space.

Here are our top 5 ways to add colour to your home tastefully!

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Credits: @kristingronas

1. Nature to the rescue!

A great way to add colour is to bring out the pampas, flowers and anything that will look colourful and gorgeous in a vase! This is an awesome way to add instant hues to your home. It is inexpensive, easy and you don’t have to commit! You can even bring it up a notch by pairing with a colourful vase to draw attention to this accent. Overall, it’s hard to go wrong with this method since adding nature brings timeless elegance to a home.

Credits: @2LGSTUDIO

2. Accent furniture

This method is for those who love monochromatic interiors but still want that pop! Try adding a single-colour accent such as furniture pieces to a very neutral space. For example, a green sofa or yellow dining chairs are an excellent way to bring in some contrast. But be careful to ensure that the single accent colour does not overwhelm your space – the design should be cohesive and sync together. You could also add more subtle accent pieces with patterns of the same or similar hue to help tie the space together.

3. Bring in the textiles – Pillows, Curtains, Throws

Bringing in textiles like pillows, throws, drapes and curtains are excellent ways to bring in colour without having to commit or break the bank! There are endless options to implement striking hues through these accessories. It can be as simple as throwing a bright red pillow on a couch or adding a textured orange throw. Colourful curtains also can bring tall neutral walls to life. You could also add something subtle, like a curtian with pattern or stripe to add character.

4. Colour In the kitchen

This takes a little more commitment to a specific colour, BUT it can be a beautiful way to make your kitchen truly one of a kind. Colour can be added through cabinet colours; often dark and light blues are just enough to add some hue and keep the kitchen elegant and classy. Another great way is to use colourful appliances, you often see bright red, orange and blue stoves and microwaves… adding these pieces to your kitchen (tastefully of course) can create a unique edgy vibe.

5. Colour on the floor

Lastly another great way to add colour without commitment (and on a budget) is to add a colourful rug to a neutral space. Rugs with patterns and texture can really raise the vibe of your space and give character to your interiors. You can strategically place them underneath chairs, dining sets or a coffee table, anywhere that creates a vibrant accent. Adding other elements related to the rug texture or hues is also a great way to tie it all together.

- Michelle. B


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