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2019's Biggest design trends

With each new year comes more innovative and classic interior design trends, we can all agree that 2019 had its share of colourful, crazy and timeless styles. From a rise in greenery in from residential to commercial design and a craze for wallpaper, 2019 was full of patterns, texture and colour. Lets review some of 2019’s most popular design trends;

1. Biophilia

Health and wellness has taken a storm on interior design for the past decade, Biophilia; a connection to nature has proven to increase the wellness of working environments to residential kitchens. This year has been full of big bold greenery and it looks like it is here to stay, plants in design bring not only fashion but function.

Design & Photo by Francis + Bell Design Studio

2. Bold Colours

There is no doubt that minimalism has been on a rise for the past couple years, but so has design with colour. We’ve seen bold colour resurface itself in design styles such as; Masculine chic design, transitional Art Deco and modern contemporary. Coincidently the Pantone colour for this year happened to be a bold as well (Living Coral). These statement colours have manifested themselves in design through tiles, furniture and wall paint.

3.Oversized elements

Large and in charge has been the name of

the game for quite some time in regards to design and décor. From overtly scaled pendants to large plush sectionals, big elements in design have made a statement in 2019. This trend has definitely redefined the meaning of Juxtaposition in design, using grand pieces to not only make a statement but to show contrast in concept of the space.

4. Wallpaper/Murals

Wallpaper is no longer a faux pas, no longer a thing of the past, wallpaper is here, there and everywhere. The increasing use of wallpaper has definitely informed the design world that it is here to make a statement. Wallpaper has even expanded its way into the commercial world. Everyone is trying to achieve either bold colour, shape, branding or the illusion of texture. It is being implemented in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and its creating waves in the beauty industry. Wallpaper has definitely made its mark on 2019.

Photo & Design by Francis + Bell design Studio


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