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Inside LASHGOD Salon

We are very excited to share the full completion of LASHGOD. Owner Raquel Da Silva is an ambitious young entrepreneur who created a name for herself in the lash industry beginning from her father’s basement. Her success has led her to her most significant business move yet – opening a one stop beauty salon; otherwise known as the “Barbie Dungeon” where women can feel feminine and pampered all in one location. In this blog we will cover portions of our process and challenges in this project, from concept to completion!

We were very excited when Raquel approached us to make her beauty salon dreams a reality. Located at Don Mills Road the 1045 square foot space had plenty of opportunity for design. However, the existing space needed A LOT of work. It was outdated and required a significant facelift. Take a look at some of the photo's of the existing space...

Our goal for this project was to have the design not only be beautiful but support the business by using interior design strategies to attract salon clients. Our design concept was inspired by all things Barbie – pink, feminine, luxurious. We set out to create a space where everyone entering would want to take a photo! Focusing on today’s current trends we curated finishes and furniture with plush pink velvet's, floral and palm tree prints. As does every project – this one had its own unique challenges. The challenge was to maximize design and create an ambiance within moderate budget in a fairly large space with a very tight timeline.

We got to work quickly by first curating inspirational

finishes, textures and studying the tiny details. We

wanted to create a space that contained areas where

clients can pose for photos. We took our ideas to the drawing board and brainstormed innovative ways for

unique backdrops with a trendy atmosphere. We later transformed these ideas in 3D - experimenting with

colour, furniture and forms to create a visual

representation of our design intent.

Process - Conceptual modeling

As you walk into the reception/waiting area you are greeted with a large “Lash god” Neon

sign over a palm tree print – incredibly trendy and picture worthy! We took advantage of the salon’s high ceilings by implementing a hanging system that held beautiful sheer white curtains between lash beds, to add that extra element of privacy. The hair stations feature a gorgeous tufted wall with LED lit mirrors and floating shelves. The “beauty bar” was a great addition intended to take advantage of the high ceiling by adding that extra touch of “luxury” to the salon’s ambiance.

As you walk deeper into the salon you will find the pedicure and nail area. In this area we took “luxe” to the next level by adding curtains and refacing the existing pedicure station’s tile with a beautiful statuario marble, adding stunning floral murals throughout and of course curating fixtures/furniture that fit the “barbie” concept. We set out to make this area cozy, private as we wanted clients to feel comfortable and pampered while they received nail services.

Finally, we transformed the bathroom into something ultra Instagram worthy! We curated prints – movies, celebrities and music to create a wall collage of inspiring women. We wanted to create something unique, jaw-dropping and crazy!

After all the hard work of brainstorming, designing, sourcing, and bringing this overall production to life we are SO happy with the outcome. Everything from the all pink walls, beautiful prints and small details truly makes this an ultimate barbie dungeon!


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