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Designer Holiday Wishlist

Are you looking for a Christmas gift for an Interior Designer that you know? Are you an aspiring Interior Designer trying to figure out what your essential tools are? In that case, this blog is for you; This is not only a designer holiday wish list, but a guide on what every designer needs on hand on a daily.

1. Measuring tape

A heavy duty measuring tape is a designer “handbag”, as simple as it sounds this tool is an essential for any outing as a professional. Measurements are required in almost every aspect of the profession, whether you are verifying interior dimensions or checking if that couch you see on a shopping excursion will fit the desired space. Electronic measuring tapes are also a good “go to” tool for designers they are fast an accurate and should be used in conjunction with the traditional tapes.

1. Notebook

The notebook is often underestimated, it is the simplest yet most essential tool for any designer. Note taking is the most important part of the profession, at all times designers are taking notes, sketching ideas and creating personal agendas. Do not underestimate the power of the pen and paper, with all the information designers have coming in and out of their brains on a daily, note books are required to keep thoughts, tasks and scheduling balanced.

1. Colour wheel/Fan

This to tool is essential when it comes to décor and concept schemes, a colour wheel is always handy when you are on the go trying to coordinate textiles and materials. This tool will also help to reinforce your credentials to clients during meetings, it’s a handy tool to analyze their colour personality and what they’re looking for in their potential design. The colour fan should always be on hand to show clients what the vision is for the space without having to explain the colours.

In addition to these items other staples include a laptop and software’ that all designers use in order to carry out a design. Whether you're shopping for a designer you know or you’re new to the industry and want to know the essentials, this is a guide to our holy grails.

- Jamelya.F


Blog cover photo credit to: Kimberly Czornodolskyj, IG: HelloKczo


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