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The importance of Interior Design in the beauty industry

Are you a lash technician? Maybe a hairdresser? Do you run your business as a side hustle, fulltime? Regardless there are so many factors you must ensure to maintain the happiness of your clients and success of your beauty business. You must stay up to date with the latest trends, take care of your social media, marketing and more. Although these are essential factors in the success of your brand one thing people don’t talk about much is the importance of your actual service space – the design, the ambiance, organization.

The purpose of your salon or you’re at-home service space is to provide your quality services in an environment that is the extension of your brand, where clients can feel comfortable and relaxed. Successful design is the icing on the cake to your beauty empire and here’s why:


Leaving a great FIRST impression is so vital for new clientele. Having a new client think “WOW” as soon as they enter your space sets off their experience on great note having a better chance of them returning.


Great design will set you apart from local competition. You must be different in any way possible to survive in this competitive industry. Whether that be through your mirrors, furniture, bold paint colors, a feature wall or creative signage… anything to be different will create a memorable experience for your client.


Interior design for small businesses is especially important in our generation. Many people will specifically go to an establishment just to take that picture with that trendy backdrop or design element everyone is posting with on Instagram. Having a jaw dropping – unique design element will encourage clients to take pictures and post them on their social media – not only is this free brand awareness but it’ll deter curious clients to your business!


Influence relaxation & peace of mind.

Be the salon that your client can escape to, not only are people coming for service but for experience. Nothing is worse than walking into an at home studio or salon that is disorganized, messy and chaotic. Making sure your space is tidy is essential but taking it to the next level by implementing a designed organization system will leave your clients feeling more trustworthy and relaxed in your environment, thus will keep them coming back.


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