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Finding the right interior designer for you

The interior design industry is growing. With an increased standard of living combined with the importance of commercial aesthetic, more people are seeking out designers to elevate their spaces. Whether you need a designer for your commercial space or your home, finding the right company or designer is extremely important. The design process can be very personal, you need someone who understands your brand or lifestyle to truly bring your design vision to life. Here are four tips for finding the right interior designer:

1. Chemistry

The ability to establish a connection with your designer is a great indicator that they are the right person for your project. Depending on the scale of your project you may spend a good deal of time working with your designer – so compatibility is crucial! Comfort and ease of communication will help your designer understand your personality and needs. Here at Francis + Bell we offer free consultations not only to gather more information about a project but to develop a more personal connection to ensure we are the right fit to deliver your design dream!

2. Being honest about your budget

Sometimes clients may feel a little reluctant to reveal their budget, but it is very important because some design firms may not take on projects that are too small – or even too big. It is beneficial to be transparent at the beginning and will help you find the firms that are willing to work within your spending range. It is also important because it provides your designer with a guideline for the use of their skills and expertise to get the best for your budget.

3. Trust

You need to trust your designer. Initially, you may establish trust from their experience, education, reviews or whatever it may be. You will need to find someone you have total confidence in with belief in their expertise. Sometimes the most beautiful designs are produced when the designer suggests a new creative direction even though the client may be slightly uncomfortable with it at first.

In addition, we all know challenges may arise during the design and construction process.(as you have probably seen on HGTV) You need to be able to trust your designer to work through these obstacles and create peace of mind when the issues arise!

4. Portfolio/Style

Finding a design firm that creates projects that resonate with you is always a good sign of a perfect match! Maybe you admire a certain project or style and want something similar.

When you find a company that consistently creates designs that appeal to your taste and vision it is always good because the designers already have experience with clients of similar vision.

Keep In mind, designers are creatives and even if you don’t see the kind of design you want in their portfolio, rest assured, they can make it happen!

Could Francis + Bell be the perfect design team for you? Don’t be afraid to book a free consultation to find out!

- Michelle.B



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