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Trends vs. Timeless Design

You’re designing your new home and you are having an incredibly hard time, you are torn between a classic basket weave tile or a large hexagon pattern for your bathroom. The kitchen has you rattled as well; do you install a safe white subway tile or a coloured chevron pattern to pop the space. These are questions that most home owners have when designing or decorating their space. Let’s run through some small tips and tricks to try and combat these unanswered questions.

Timeless Patterns

Classic Patterns Design & Décor

Classic patterns are a sure way to make sure a design stays timeless, most people do not have the time or money to change out large furniture and materials every couple years to stay up to date. Some well-known classic patterns consist of; Damask, Floral, Plaid, herringbone and scale.

White Herringbone Tile

Damask Patterend Rug

Trendy Patterns

Trendy Patterns Design & Décor

Trendy patterns are great for contemporary design and cool concepts for spaces that are meant to draw attention. Trendy patterns are also great for commercial design in order to attract young new clients to the space. However, for a homeowner looking to do one time renovations, or looking to potentially sell in the future, trendy patterns should be avoided. Some popular trendy patterns that are often used today include; Hexagon, animal prints, chevrons and any other large geometric shapes.

Large Hexagon Tiles

Hexagon Wallpaper

Timeless Colours

Classic Colours Design & Décor

Every year Pantone releases “The colour of the year”, in addition, companies like Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams and Dulux all have colours that are most popular for that year. This year that colour was “Living Coral”, who is to say next year won’t be Sky blue or pastel pink, this is just an example of how times change annually. Things to remember if you are the average person designing a space is that colour on walls, large furniture and millwork should be the base for your interior. These elements should have a fairly classic/neutral colour that will allow for you to design and decorate with more trendy colours using smaller pieces. Some classic colours include; greys, whites, beige, and anything with natural earth tones.

Neutral coloured Millwork, Trim, walls

Neutral walls & Large furniture

Trendy Colours

Trendy Colours Design & Décor

Trendy coloured bathrooms, kitchens and foyers are great and look beautiful if they are well executed. However, what happens when that pink couch goes out of style? Or that cool green cabinetry in the kitchen no longer suits the time. Commercial design can afford to take more risk on colour in design, it’s a business owners job to keep up with the current trends. However, as a humble home owner or house flipper you should be more discrete when it comes to “pops of colour”.

Trendy coloured Cabinetry

Green Couch & Trendy banana Leaf Wallpaper

The most important thing to remember about creativity and design is that despite all this; there are no book of rules! There are only guidelines for people looking for insight to follow. Every choice has a result and whether or not the result is a consequence is up to you to decide.

- Jamelya.F




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