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Top 5 Ways to design using Wall Murals

The use of wall murals in interior design has been a huge trend in recent years. They can be a creative and inexpensive way to completely transform a space. Wall murals are any piece of printed artwork, pattern or gradient that is applied in panels to achieve larger scale pictures or pattern in comparison to wallpaper. There are endless possibilities using wall murals which creates an abundance of opportunity for imagination and design styles! Here are our top 5 tips and tricks when using wall murals in your space:

1. Adding depth to a room

Do you have an exceptionally small bedroom? Small Cluttered office? Bring some depth in with a wall mural! A mural with dimension (ex. Landscapes murals) is a great way to open up a tight space, it creates the illusion of depth. It can also be an awesome way to add some Juxtaposition and interest in a design!

2. Mimic Materials

If that beautiful marble or concrete wall just wont fit your budget, a wall mural can be a great substitute! Wall murals imitating acrylic walls, concrete, stones, marbles etc. can be a great alternative and if done right can look like the real thing!

3. Adding Color

Need to add colour to your space but want to do more than just paint a wall? The special thing about wall murals is that they can be absolutely anything! You can bring in colour through patterns, landscapes, abstract art, floral - the possibilities are truly endless. Now let's say you want to add a hint of colour but without crazy graphics, an ombre wall mural can be a great option. A gorgeous gradient blend can be subtle enough but still add a little hue!

4. Make a statement in your space

Wall murals are the best low-budget option to create boldness and draw attention in a space. A Large wall mural with strong graphics can make any space incredibility striking! You can use murals to make a statement with words, art, or something that represents your concept to truly let out expression in your design.

5. Showcase your brand

Wall murals have been trending in corporate design for quite some time. They have been incredibly popular since they are low-maintenance, inexpensive and can easily transform a space. They are a great way to showcase your brand and make a statement. Wall murals can be used to tell stories about ones brand through creative colours, brand imagery, corporate values and company culture. They can serve as a daily reminder of company mission through text murals - the possibilities are truly infinite! / Mint & More Creative / Equator Design

- Michelle.B


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