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Looking for a fast fix? Well you've steered into the right lane. Francis + Bell can envision the needs of their audience from all angles. Provided below are express package designs tailored for specific small-scale projects.

Beauty Express Package >

Bathroom Express Package >

IMG_2861 (1).JPG
Modern Bathroom

This package was made to tailor to those in the beauty industry who are looking to revamp their space on a smaller scale. Anywhere from Lash Technicians, Hair Dressers, Nail technicians etc. looking to rejuvenate  a small space on a small budget. 

This package was made to tailor to home owners looking to transform their bathroom. This package is for those looking achieve a clean look and to increase resale value.

Condo Express Package >

White Couch

This package was made to tailor to those residing in smaller spaces looking to create a new and improved interior. This package provides solutions for those with nice spaces who need some help bringing it all together. 

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